Cleft Palette Scars

A cleft palette is a facial malformation or birth defect in the roof of the mouth. The result is an obvious gap in the skin. The surgical procedure to reduce the imperfection is fairly common. Unfortunately, even a successful surgical procedure can result in scarring. Cleft palette scars and other surgery scars can effectively be supported and promote a healthier healing process. One way to do this is to use a scar cream. Scar creams and gels can reduce the appearance of certain scars, which makes the scar area less noticeable.

Scar creams can be used to minimize the look of more than just surgery scars. Click here for more information on scars and how a topical scar gel may be beneficial. Topical scar gels which have a silicone-based formula can also be used on burn scars, keloid scars, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, accidental scars, and piercing/tattoo scars. This one cosmetic solution has many uses.

Medical and clinical professionals concur that scar creams have long been trusted as a great option for scars; including cleft palette scars. Silicone scar gels and creams are also popular in the beauty industry. This cosmetic gem can be easily applied and without causing pain or irritation. In fact, silicone forms a soothing shield around the scar helping to keep environmental irritants out of the area like dirt and debris, all while helping to keep the scar area moist.

Please note that topical scar products should not be applied until after the wound is fully healed. This means after surgery, accidents, incisions, etc. There cannot be an open wound still existing. No sores, staples, stitches, bleeding etc. Topical formulas are specifically designed to minimize the look of the scar. Once the injury has recovered then you are ready to use silicone! It can help with the appearance of discoloration, the feel of rough skin, and the look of uneven skin, etc. Physicians and dermatologists can best advise you about birth defects, options, and prognosis. Visit for more information on an alternative option to scar surgery.

Having surgery is a distinguishing moment in any of our lives life. The after-effects and the scarring is something that we can take action on. A cleft palette scar is especially a trying time. If you find yourself with common facial scars research more details about scar creams and gels!