Top Rated Scar Products

There is an array of procedures and scar products that profess to change the look of your scars forever, but which ones really work? The initial fate of how your scar will appear lies in the hand of the surgeon who sewed you up if you have surgical scars or how well your body heals during the process, but no matter which type of scar you are trying to improve, you can do something to make your scar a bit less obvious. Once scars have healed up and before they have matured, you can really make a difference in their visibility.

A few different types of laser therapies can help smooth out scarring, but they can’t completely eliminate scars, as some come to expect. There are no miracle cures to get rid of scars, but lasers can definitely reduce their look. If used with one of the top rated scar products like silicone scar creams, you may get even better results. Learn more about silicone scar creams here.

Silicone scar creams are amongst the top rated scar products because they are extremely effective in hydrating and then flattening the look and feel of scars. Scar products like silicone sheeting and silicone scar creams provide a thin waterproof layer over the scar, almost like a membrane of sorts, and this traps moisture in and keeps impurities out. When applied as directed, which is usually twice a day, you can get noticeable visible results in about two months.

Most silicone scar creams dry quickly so won’t mess up your clothing and you can apply sunscreen or cosmetics directly on top of them if need be. You definitely don’t want your scar subjected to sunlight without some protection, as sun damage can be a step backwards in diminishing the look of any scar. It’s always a good idea to keep a sunblock on the scar area if going out into the harmful sunrays. Penetration of the scar area by harmful UV rays can actually darken the scar area.

Silicone scar creams and gels are considered the top rated scar products because they are reasonably priced and mostly effective. The fact that these scar products are convenient and extremely gentle to use, puts them miles ahead of invasive and more expensive procedures for many people. Regardless of what you opt for when managing the look of your scars, be sure to have realistic expectations and a significant amount of patience. You may simply visit this site to learn more about scars and ways to help manage the appearance of them.